Meet Our Founder

Charldera Murphy is the Founder of So Supple  Organics.  She is a mom, entrepreneur and lawyer by profession. 

Her love for curating skin and hair care products stems from her own personal quest to find natural solutions to treat the skin and scalp issues she experienced after having her daughter. 

As a breastfeeding mom, her main concern was to avoid using products containing harmful ingredients that could potentially be transferred to her nursing daughter. So she began her search for skin and hair care products that contained minimal ingredients yet concentrated amounts of natural plant based ingredients known to effectively treat acne, dullness, dark spots and also scalp issues. She found that a large number of beauty products contained harmful ingredients and tons of excess filler ingredients that were not beneficial. 

Growing up in The Bahamas where plants such aloe vera, hibiscus flowers, coconut oil, neem and other local plants are used to naturally and effectively treat the skin and hair, Charldera was inspired by this holistic approach to beauty and made it the foundation of the brand.

Her main focus was to incorporate these natural ingredients with other active plant based ingredients to create effective skin and hair care products. 

Once the pandemic hit and global financial uncertainty became a widespread theme, she decided to embarked on a longstanding dream of entrepreneurship and finally launched So Supple Organics to offer the same beauty remedies to those looking for a beauty brand with a minimalist and natural approach to skin and haircare.